Friday, March 8, 2013

Obsession Confession

Forgive me, Father, for I'm obsessed.

Since I began watching SOA, I've become obsessed. I watch it at work (don't tell), I watch it at home, I even watched an episode on my iPhone. I'm in season 3 right now and have come across a few things that spoiled surprises for me...because I can't stop myself from Googling "Sons of Anarchy" every 5 minutes. Yesterday, as part of my Leadership program, we toured the County Jail and spoke with an ATF agent. I was in heaven.

I'm going to see The Wild Feathers tonight. It will be the third time I've seen them in concert in 22 days. I think I have a problem with obsession.

A few days ago, my GBF called and told me Macklemore & Ryan Lewis would be in Springfield, MO next month. It's about 7 hours away from me and 7 hours away from him. We didn't think twice about it. And just as he was about to book our hotel, we got the updated list of Hangout Fest artists. Which include Macklemore & Ryan Lewis...and The Wild Feathers. Thank you, Hangout, for saving me from an unnecessary trip...and for feeding my obsession.

I bought a new shirt last week and have worn it three times since because I like it so much. (Obsession.)

You know what I'm also obsessed with? You and your comments!

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  1. I've never watched that! Maybe I need to get on that...