Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Constant Conversations

I've done a poor job at keeping up with funny conversations (like I shared here). You really can't blame me, though, because most of these conversations occur between the hours of 10pm and 2am and between the drinks of 3 and infinity. However, here are a few that I've remembered to jot down.

[Discussing an upcoming concert with my mom]

Mother: What do people wear to concerts these days? The last time I saw live music, I was wearing bell bottoms and a crop top.
Me: Umm, well. Not that.

[Talking to Rachel about the guy I've been hanging out with]

Me: I think I like [guy I've been casually seeing for a few months].
Rach: I think you do, too.
Me: Well, except for [list of things that I don't like, which turned out to be longer than expected].
Rach: So what DO you like?
Me: The way he looks at me.
Me: [alien face emoji]

[After showing that guy I've been hanging out with something that is labeled "Walter"]

Guy: So who's Walter?
Me: Umm that's my last name.
Guy: Oh, I didn't know that.

[Discussing the GIRLS season finale with my bff, SPOILERish]

Me: I loved that episode.
Brad: I did too. I just hated Hannah.
Me: I've always kinda hated Hannah. Cause she reminds me of a very extreme version of myself. But that's also why I like her. Because I hate her.
Brad: That's me with Marnie.
Me: My sister is Marnie, too.
Brad: Charlie became everything she wanted him to be AFTER a tumultuous break up. So naturally she wants him back.
Me: Naturally.

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