Friday, March 1, 2013


Another month gone and only one goal fully accomplished.

I had one sip of beer on Fat Tuesday. I immediately regretted it because I wanted to succeed with the no beer goal so badly. But that one sip was my only slip. (SO glad that's over. I had a Strawberry Abita for breakfast this morning.) I failed horribly on reading my devotional daily until mid-month when I downloaded the app for the devotional I have. The book is on my nightstand, but I didn't get into the routine of reading it daily until it was on my phone. That's sad. I didn't complete any of the home improvement projects, but I have scheduled them / secured a boy to help me. I didn't sell my Land Rover, either. (Didn't even try.) The one goal I did complete...losing one pound. Except I acutally lost 5 pounds. And then gained 1 back. Which puts me at 4 for the month and 5 for the year.

And now it's a new month.

1. Sell Land Rover 

2. Watch 5 movies

3. Gather clothes for consignment

4. Transfer music to new computer

5. Lose 1 pound

Since I didn't do it last month. Gotta get rid of that thing!

There are so many "classic" movies that I haven't seen. The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather Part II, Schindler's List. I need to experience these movies that everyone else in the world has seen. Or maybe I'll just indulge in newer movies that I want to see like Identity Thief and Side Effects. Either way, I'm watchin' 5.

The Oxford Consignment Sale is coming up and I have about 50 (no exaggeration) dresses that I never wear. Time to make some money, honey. So I can buy more dresses that I won't wear, of course.

I never use my PC now that I got a Mac for work. That also means I never sync my iPhone. I want to transfer all of my music to the computer I actually use so that everything is in one place.

Get used to it. This goal is here to stay.

What's happening with your 2013 goals?


  1. Shawshank is so good!! Must watch!!

    Congrats on the 4 lbs!! Go girl.

  2. i want goals! i love yours. they're so simple.

  3. Oh, The Godfather is one of the best movies. You should make a big bowl of pasta and watch it on a rainy spring night! Good job at losing the 4 pounds!!