Monday, April 29, 2013

Stories From my Weekend

The time we spent $100 at a gas station

Thursday night, my roommate's friend called her upset. She wanted to come over and get her mind off things and asked us to pick up some Bud Light Straw-ber-ita. (Because what problems aren't solved on a back porch with friends and alcohol? I know all mine are.) We searched the shelves of the gas station for straw-ber-itas. After a long search (and deciding to also pick up a case of normal beer), we found it. On the bottom shelf sat the case of Straw-ber-ita 24oz cans. 15 Straw-ber-ita 24oz cans. Upon picking it up, I thought, "I wonder if these are sold individually and they just haven't opened this case yet?" But we took it to the counter anyway. The attendant giggled as he asked what we were planning for the night. He then opened the case, took out one of the 24oz cans, scanned it, and typed "x15". The register displayed "60.00". And that was before he scanned the $20 case of beer. Regardless of our mistake, we had a good night. And now we have 13 24oz cans of Bud Light Straw-ber-itas on hand.

The time my ex cock-blocked me

I saw my ex-fling at the bar two nights in a row. Both nights, he spotted me from across the bar and made a bee-line for me. He chatted for far too long, told me I looked good, and hugged me a little too tight. I understand remaining cordial and even possibly being friends one day, but we called it quits less than a week ago. There's no need for that much attention. When he walked away, I turned to my friend and asked, "why did he just stand here for so long? That was painfully awkward." Her response? "He must be cock-blocking you." Totally. 

The time we ran through a lightening storm

Saturday night, upon leaving the bar, it began POURING rain and lightening. Because it was Double Decker this weekend, the Square was completely blocked off, so our cab was picking us up about 2 blocks away. We ran through the rain, saw huge lightening bolts, and ended up getting in the cab soaking wet. This was not helped by the time I twisted my ankle at the baseball game earlier that day.

The time I met the cutest little baby

I don't spend all my time drinking and falling down, I promise. Sunday, I whipped up some chicken spaghetti to take to my friends who are new parents. (Recipe coming soon.) Baby Cole is the cutest (and youngest, at 5 days old) baby I have ever seen. I did not hold him because you all know that babies scare me and I've only ever held one and I almost had a panic attack. (Well, you know that now, anyway.)

How was your weekend? Do you have any stories to tell?


  1. Well, what a weekend you had! DD was so much fun! :)

  2. I was so bummed that the Drive By Truckers show ended early at Double Decker. I played nice and was the dd for my man candy and his friends. We booked it back to Memphis after it ended. I guarantee the ol' boy was trying to cock block you, that bastard.

  3. can't wait for chicken spaghetti recipe!