Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Dating Diaries: Vol 6


Disclaimer: This is not a dating story, so there will be slightly less drama than my last few DD posts. This is just my thoughts on relationships from the past. Well, the end to those relationships.

I don't believe you get closure from the person you were dating. It comes from within. It comes from time. It comes from friends. It comes from God. Anywhere but that person.

I've ended relationships that left someone asking why. I've been left asking the same question. Why? Why even ask? You will never be satisfied with the answer. And it won't help you move on. Was there something you could have done differently? Maybe, but you didn't do it. And now it's too late. Was the timing just off? Possibly, but do you really want to wait around until the timing is "on"? No. Will it ever be? Probably not. Was the other person just a jerk? Very likely. And who wants to date a jerk anyway?

I don't need closure. When something is done, it's done. And that's enough for me. I don't need to hash it out or have a conversation about what went wrong or what wasn't there. Something went wrong and something wasn't there. You don't have to explain your side to me and I don't want to explain my side to you. It is what it is.


Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. I came here from Jenni's blog and just read through all your Dating Diaries. I'm married now, but yeah, I totally get it, especially "when something is done, its done." I was always that way while dating. I think the ones who want closure are just trying to find a reason to keep talking to the other person.

    Love the blog. I'll be back.