Friday, May 24, 2013

Back to Reality

Happy Friday, guys! This week has been a major adjustment...getting back to reality after 3 days of watching concerts on the beach. I definitely have a Hangout Hangover. If it was possible, I'd just stay there forever.

I'll be recapping the concerts I saw (emphasizing my five favorites: Macklemore, The Shins, The Wild Feathers, Ra Ra Riot, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on From the Crowd next week. That's the place for music. This is the place for shenanigans. So here are a few highlights from my trip.

I ran into a sliding glass door.

My shoes broke the first day and I had to walk around barefoot.

I got my face painted like this.

I caught the water bottle Macklemore threw into the crowd and held onto it for dear life.

It is now in my office.

It was a great long weekend. And now that I've recovered, it's time for another. 

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  1. Ra Ra Riot is great! I went to Syracuse, where they started out. I remember they used to play on campus and it's so cool to hear them doing big shows now!