Friday, May 10, 2013

I don't get embarrassed.

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

I guess I have some embarrassing moments from my youth. The time I thought I was picked for the Quiet Game and got up in front of the class only to realize I had not actually been picked. The time in middle school that I slipped on the wet grass in my cheer uniform, sans bloomers. The numerous times I dropped my lunch tray in the cafeteria. But those don't really stand out to me as my "most embarrassing moments".

Since my youth, I've done many things that embarrassed my friends. Usually after a few drinks. The time I danced on the poles on the MARTA in Atlanta. The time I got lost because I was following a kitten trying to feed it goldfish crackers. The many times I've fallen down in public places. But those didn't embarrass me...because I didn't remember them the next day.

After much thought, I have decided that I just don't get embarrassed. I've done many a foolish thing, but my skin is just too thick for it to bother me. 

One exception: the first time Chris Lambton called me and I stuttered like a fool. (Read that story here.)


  1. You're welcome for that amazing picture. Upstairs at Rooster's. Fun night. Makes me laugh :)