Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bachelorette: Before & After Episode 1

I didn't even realize The Bachelorette had started until a few people I follow on Twitter began live tweeting the first episode. I hadn't even looked up the guys' pics and bios and picked out my favorites yet! From the live tweets, it seems we have a lot of d-bags this season. Those are the most fun to write about, so here goes.

Before I began Episode 1, I read everyone's bios. I'm only interested in five of the 25 guys based on that. Hopefully they won't disappoint. Brooks, Drew, Jonathan, Michael G, & maybe Larry.

Let's find out...

1. I couldn't be the Bachelorette because I hate giving hugs.
2. Hashtag guy.
3. Most of the guys are cuter than their bio pics. (Robert) Some, not. (Michael G)
4. Fantasy suite guy.
5. Shirtless guy.
6. Is James related to Ames?
7. Magic guy.
8. Armor guy.
9. Motorcycle guy.
10. Homemade suit guy.
11. Poem guy.
12. The guy with the kid.
13. The roses.

*Desiree said she loves camping and road trips. Didn't she used to live in a tent/car? Awkward.

The guy with the kid got the first rose. (His name is Ben.) Shirtless guy became pantsless guy. And also got a rose. (I don't know his name.) Other people got roses. I think Larry blew it with Des, but I'll give him a shot. Fantasy suite guy (Jonathan) blew it with me and Des, so we sent him home. 

Eliminated Night 1: Diogo, Jonathan, Larry, Micah, Mike R, Nick R

Still in the running: Ben, Brad, Brandon, Brian, Brooks, Bryden, Chris, Dan, Drew, James, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Michael G, Mikey, Nick M, Robert, Will, Zack K, Zak W

After night 1, who would you take to the fantasy suite?

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  1. It seems like Des really got a crappy bunch of guys. There were way too many sob stories and near-crying events for the first episode of the season!

    My initial likes are: Robert and the federal prosecutor (even if he doesn't last long, I'm hoping that he'll be a voice of reason).