Friday, May 3, 2013


Day 3 prompt: Things that make you uncomfortable.

Fortunately for me, I thrive in awkward situations. So not that many things make me uncomfortable. However, there are a few.

Compliments. I take them well. I say thank you. But then I always feel like you're supposed to respond to a compliment with a compliment. And sometimes that gets awkward. "You look pretty today." So do you, sir. What? I also sometimes respond with "you too" when people tell me Happy Birthday.

Opening gifts. I don't show emotions. So I get uber uncomfortable when opening gifts in front of people. If I love it or if I hate it, my face will look the same. I don't want you to think I hate it, even if I do hate I just try to avoid the situation altogether. 

PDA. Not only do I not like to participate in PDA, if I'm with friends and they are publicly displaying their affection, I get very uncomfortable. Am I supposed to walk away and give them their not so private privacy? Do I just stare at the ground and twiddle my thumbs until they're finished? Uncomfortable.

Leftovers. They just make me very uncomfortable.

What makes you uncomfortable?

"Uncomfortable" word count: 8 


  1. All of the above make me uncomfortable, as well!! Especially the opening of gifts. I am the exact same way. I'm not the sqealy girl type, so I just smile and say thanks!

  2. I hateee opening gifts in front of people! Its seriously the worst.

  3. I am there with you on that opening of gifts. I think they should be opened only in private. Do you think we can start a new trend?

  4. I am so weird about opening gifts, too! Hate, HATE it!

  5. i HATE opening gifts and cards in front of people too! It's not fun at all.