Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I'm a planner. A list maker. A checker offer. On a small scale, at least. I don't have an overall plan for my life and where I want to go in the next few years, but I have my dinners for the week planned out every Sunday.

I swear by the Erin Condren Life Planner. Which is why I just shelled out a large chunk of change this morning for my next one. My events are color coded and stickered and underlined and circled. My to do list is written out and ready to be checked off. My goals are there for me to see every day. It's perfect for someone like me (OCD).

This year, you can customize a sheet of stickers. This is what I chose.

What does this say about me?

1. I love sports. Obviously.
2. I go to a lot of concerts. These will likely run out.
3. Out of 60 stickers, for an entire year, I only chose 3 dates. I guess I don't have a great outlook on my love life for the next year.
4. I don't know why I put so many weddings because almost all my friends are married.
5. When I ran out of ideas, I went with meeting because I have those all the time. (I'm an important person, you know.)

I work in technology and I cannot stand to have a to do list or calendar on my phone. It has to be on paper or I don't feel accomplished. Anyone else use paper planners?


  1. Love this! I can't wait for football season! Give me the inside scoop on the whole parking situation for football games- what's everyone on campus saying about it. Or is it not as big of deal since you work at Ole Miss. Later!

  2. I am allllll about my EC planner!!! I don't know how people keep track of things when they don't write them down. I would forget everything and never feel accomplished!!

  3. Ok, I may have to go back to the EC planner.. This feature is pretty awesome!!

  4. thanks for the great post - you will love your planner! enjoy!

  5. I love this! I can't wait for Football season! Can't wait to see the cover of your EC planner.

  6. I love that you can customize your own stickers now! And I love how you prioritize your sports. Can't believe you didn't make one for the final match of each tennis grand slam... Lol

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