Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bachelorette - Week 5

I watched the Bachelorette last night while pounding beers, so let's see how much I remember. 

This episode takes place in Munich, Germany and was sponsored by the zip up hoodie.

Desiree has 3 dates this week. A one on one, a group date, and that infamous two on one.

She takes Chris on the one on one where they explore the city (both being in Europe for the first time). Bryden interrupts their date to tell her he's going home. Even though it was a bit rude, he's still hot and I'd still date him. And hey, now he's available. Anyway - Chris handled it like a gentleman and the rest of their date was great, so he got a rose.

The group date is with everyone except Chris, Bryden (cause he went home), and Ben & Michael (cause they're on the two on one). I would name them all, but. No. They yodel on a mountain and then go sledding and have a snowball fight. They have their group date "alone" times in an igloo hotel. I lose interest. But Brooks gets the rose.

The two on one is for Michael and Ben. Of course, because they hate each other. Michael is super harsh and it makes Des, Ben, and me uncomfortable. But Ben sucks. I almost hope she sends them both home. But she doesn't. She keeps...Michael. Which actually made me gasp out loud and then hate myself for realizing that I'm so invested in this show that I will gasp out loud. Ben revealed his true colors in his limo ride exit. Douche. (But still...very, very attractive.)

Now that Ben is gone, the guys decide they hate James now. They want to tell Des about him at the cocktail party, but she cancels the party because she knows who she wants to send home. And it's Mikey.

There are 9 guys left in the running. (Let's see if I can remember their names.)

Brooks, Chris, Drew, James, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Michael, and Zak. That's only 8. Are there only 8 left? I don't know.

I think Des needs to end up with either Chris or Zak. James needs to go. Michael is meh. Juan Pablo is hot, but no. I don't care for Kasey. And I'm calling dibs on Brooks and Drew. Sorry.

Who do you like? Who do you think Des likes? 

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  1. I think next time I watch that show I should take a shot every time something cheesy or dramatic happens... how long do you think I would last? ;-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always