Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bachelorette: Weeks 2 & 3

Last Week, Desiree went on three dates. First, she had a one on one with Brooks where they got dressed in wedding attire and hiked to the Hollywood sign then had dinner on a closed bridge and attended a private concert in the middle of nowhere. Then, she made a rap video with Soulja Boy and Dan, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Zack K, Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zak W, Nick, Michael, Brandon, and Ben. Lastly, she took a road trip with Bryden that ended with the season's first hot tub dip. Brad, Chris, and Robert didn't get dates.

Brooks and Bryden both got roses on their one on one dates. Ben got the group date rose. All the guys hate Ben. But I like him. I also like Brian, Brooks, Bryden, Zak W, Drew, and Robert. 

But Des doesn't like Robert, because she sends him home. Along with Nick M and Will. So, left competing for roses in week three are: Ben, Brad, Brandon, Brian, Brooks, Bryden, Chris, Dan, Drew, James, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Michael G, Mikey, Zack K, & Zak W.

Now, for week three. Again, we have three dates. This time, 2 group dates and a one on one. First, there was the intense dodgeball group date with Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zack K, and Ben. They were split into teams but that doesn't matter because they all got to attend the after party. Well, except Brooks because he was in the ER with a broken finger. He made it back for the end of the party, but Chris ended up with the rose. 

Then we go back to the house where Kasey is waiting to be picked up for his one on one. When Chris Harrison walks in, you know there's trouble. Plus, they've been showing the "girlfriend" on commercials for weeks. I just knew it was gonna be Brian. I kinda love him because he reminds me of Nick Miller.

I honestly think the girl was a little crazy and just wanted to be on camera. I wouldn't have sent him home. (That's also a good reason why I'll never be The Bachelorette.)

Kasey's one on one was the first adventure date of the season. They danced on the side of a building. And then they almost got blown off the building when a storm rolled through during dinner. Basically, the date sucked as bad as Kasey does - but he still got a rose. Meh.

The last group date was for Dan, James, Juan Pablo, Bryden, and Zak W. They trained with Hollywood stunt men but only learned how to shoot a fake gun and dodge punches. But they looked good while they were doing it. Juan Pablo won the competition but not the rose. It went to James. 

Desiree canceled the cocktail party and replaced it with an afternoon pool party. Can we do this every week? 

During the rose ceremony, Desiree sent Brandon and Dan home. Dan was hot and I never noticed. Brandon was a goober that I never liked. He also dropped the L bomb during week 3. No sir. That's saved for at least week 5. Come on now.

My five favorites are Bryden, Drew, Ben, Zak W, and Brooks. Also left in the running for Des are Brad, Chris, James, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Michael, Mikey, and Zack K.

Who do you think Des should end up with? Better yet, who do you think I should end up with?


  1. I just don't have time to watch this season and it makes me so sad. But tons of people are doing weekly recaps so I'll just live vicariously through that. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. I didn't hate Ben until he basically asked her to lie to cover his ass with the guys. And I would've sent Brian home only because he clearly lives in a drama-filled world that I want no part of. (Same with the guy with the baby mama who charged him with assault. He could be innocent as can be, but she's never going away if they have a kid together.)