Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Dating Diaries: Vol 7

Is It For the Thrill?

Do you ever wonder why people do things? Like skydiving? Why would anyone willingly jump out of a plane? For the thrill. Why do people wait till the last minute on a deadline? Is that for the thrill? Oh, and cheating. Why do people cheat? It's gotta be for the thrill, right? Or maybe just because some guys are awful douchebags. I think that's it.

Exhibit A: My friend's (now ex) boyfriend. They were together and seemingly happy. They went on dates, they took vacations together, they rarely spent a night apart. But then she started getting an influx of information from other girls that he was sending inappropriate messages to. Like, ten girls. Granted, they were just text messages...but they were very dirty ones. And if you think cheating must involve physical contact, you are more of a fool than I am.

Exhibit B: Another friend's (now ex) boyfriend. They were also together and seemingly happy. They spent a lot of time at his house. She practically lived there, with him inviting her to spend the night almost every night. Then, abruptly, he stopped inviting her to stay. They would hang out until nightfall and then she'd be sent home. Why? So his lover could come spend the night. How did she find out? Because it's not that smart to hide a car in your garage when people can still see it enter and exit. Exhibit B.1: His lover? She was married.

Exhibit C: This one's mine. I met a guy one night and we stayed up talking all night long. There was light kissing and cuddling (ew), but mostly talking. I asked him to keep it quiet that I spent the night because I didn't want anyone to think something happened when it didn't. He said, "I have my reasons for not wanting people to know either." Those reasons? He's had a girlfriend for the past three years. 

Exhibit D: Things were rekindled with an old flame and they were going great. It wasn't anything too serious, but we were spending a lot of ahem, quality time together. This went on for about two weeks before I found out that he was in a serious relationship. With the girl that got in between us the first time. I was under the impression that she was out of the picture (obviously), but they were together the whole time. I politely bowed out of the situation. 

I understand that people make mistakes. I cheated once. (In middle school, I held another boy's hand during a school assembly. I felt terrible.) But all of these exhibits come from repeat offenders. Is it really that hard to be a one woman man? And if you don't want to be...then just don't be in a relationship at all. 

Am I right? I think so.

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  1. Okay I'm totally into "the thrill" - I sky dive, cliff jump, snowboard, wake surf... basically all that dangerous stuff. And I love pushing a deadline until the last second... I think it's the adrenaline rush. But I HATE cheating/cheaters! It's the worst! No respect for cheaters.

    Sarah @ Life As Always