Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bachelorette: Overnights

Well, I was right.

Brooks wasn't ready to propose after 9 weeks of "dating", so he left. If I was the Bachelorette, I wouldn't want a proposal at the end. I'd want a, "So I'd like to keep dating you." "Okay, good, me too. Here's your rose, let's go grab a beer." Is it in your contract somewhere that if you're chosen you have to propose or you have to break up? Why can't there be an in between?

Anyway. Now, Des needs to end up with Chris. They are perfect.

I could only find kissing pictures. Of course.

And what do we do with Drew? I am not on board with him becoming the next Bachelor. For one, I haven't applied yet. Also, I think he's too sensitive. I thought the same about Ben F and his season was a disaster. So he can just accept my rose and be done with it.

What do you guys think? Who are you rooting for? Will she pick one or is she too heartbroken over Brooks?

No spoilers, please.


  1. Ive always liked Chris...he was my choice for a while now. I'm not sure he's for Des tho. I still think Brooks is a better fit for Des than the other two--that kinda hippy nature-loving kind of vibe both of them have.
    What I dont like here is that if she knew that she wanted Brooks, she was gonna continue dragging the other two guys along? I get that's the show, but what happened to "when I know, I'll let you know" type of mentality. The whole thing annoys me now.

  2. Your reasoning for not wanting Drew to be the next Bachelor is almost identical to my reasoning for not wanting Zak to be the next Bachelor.

    I think she shouldn't pick anyone if she wanted Brooks all along. How crappy would Drew/Chris feel right now if she did pick one of them?

  3. I feel like Brooks might come back?? I "dramatic" could the ending be?? (okay so they describe evvvverything on that show as dramatic, but still....) I love Des & Brooks together....and I think Juan Pablo needs to be the next Bachelor.....I mean with his cute daughter and everything! He's adorable.