Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Hand Advice

I am the advice giver in my group of friends. Everyone comes to me for sound and practical advice. Even when it comes to dating. And I haven't been in a serious relationship in over three years. (Wow. That sucks.)

Most of the advice I offer is based on what I would do or what I think should be done. Most of it is not from first hand experience. But. I do have some life experiences that have equipped me with good advice. Here are a few pieces of wisdom.

+ Don't give a third chance to someone who didn't deserve the first two. Because he's probably still talking to the Catfish person on Facebook that he's never actually met.

+ Don't give a stubborn girl advice about who not to date because that will make her want to date them more. (See above.) However, you may feed her as many I Told You So's as you wish. Because you did. You did tell her so.

+ Always have a bottle of wine on your shelf, a few beers in the fridge, and a bottle of Fireball in your freezer. 
Different moods call for different booze.

+ If you like vodka, drink Tito's.

+ But don't order that third Tito's and water. Switch to beer. Or go home.

+ If you want to be considered a friend (and not just a fan or God forbid a groupie) and you're hanging out with someone in a band...don't let your phone ring out with their song as your ringtone. It could get embarrassing.

+ If a blog is offering a badass giveaway, enter it. You might just win! (Seriously, enter my giveaway.)

What advice have you learned the hard way?


  1. He is never going to end things with her to be with you. Even if he says he loves you and has never been happier than when he is with you. He is never going to leave and he is never going to give you up either. You're the one that has to make a change. Cheers to that :)

  2. I have told so many of my friends over the years that certain guys are jerks and should be kicked to the curb... but they never listen and then I'm inevitably in that "I told you so" situation. That being said, back in my single days the reverse happened to me as well. ;-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always