Friday, August 16, 2013

A Story

Recently I was asked to share a "cool story" that has happened to me. You'd think that I'd pick the time a reality star thought my blog and tweets were so funny that we exchanged numbers, became friends, and had dinner and drinks together. Or the time that I met Kelly Ripa, Mark Conseulos, Ellen Barkin, Andy Cohen, and Anderson Cooper in a bar in New Orleans. Or maybe the time I won a ribbon at a national coding competition when I was in college. Oh wait, that's not cool. I'm a geek.

So, for my cool story. As you know, my father passed away when I was young. You may or may not know that he was a pool player. He was actually in a tournament when I was born and refused to leave because it was my mom's fifth trip to the hospital thanks to false labor. (He won, so I forgive him.) Anyway. My aunt had a book with his picture in it. Billiards Congress of America - The Official Rules and Record Book, 1987 Edition. His picture was in the back because he was on the Men's #1 Team that year. It was tattered, falling apart, and had been written in (including an obnoxious circle around his head). She offered to give it to me, but I wanted my own.

I scoured the internet looking for the book and eventually found a guy who sold Billiards memorabilia. I emailed him. The exchange went something like this...

Me: Hi. I'm looking for the Billiards Congress of America rule book from 1987. My father was on the #1 team that year and his picture is in it.

Mr. Man: I do have some of those, but they made all different versions, so it might not be the one with your father. What is his name?

Me: Well, his name was Rance Walter, but that isn't listed. It just has "Men's #1 Team - Texas" underneath the picture.

Mr. Man: Good news! I found one! I usually charge $15 per copy, but I just so happen to have one that has "WALTER" written on the front, so it's yours. What's your address? I'll mail it to you right away.

When I received the book, I asked my mom for something with my dad's handwriting on it. I'm no graphologist (yes, I had to look that up) but I'm pretty positive that it was his handwriting.

That, my friends, is my favorite "cool story". What's yours?


  1. very cool story! still want to hear about you rubbing elbows with Hollywood big shots too though...

  2. Wow! It was meant to be yours!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an amazing story!!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. That is awesome. What a great way to get something of your Father's that you didn't know was out there.