Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After the Final Rose

First of all, is Chris Harrison suffering from memory loss? I know every season has to be the most dramatic season ever...but he says there's never been a season quite like this. Does he not remember Ali's season? Guy with a girlfriend? Check. Someone leaves before the overnights? Check. She sends someone home at the end and only has one at the final rose ceremony? Check. Plus, Brandon (Des) and Kasey (Ali) are basically the same person.

Anyway. This season ended just as I suspected. Brooks goes home and never returns, Desiree ends up with Chris, and Drew and I start dating. 

Well, that last part hasn't happened yet. Until then, I have Mosby.

Now, Juan Pablo as the next Bachelor? I'll take it! Drew was my favorite all season, but I don't want him to be the Bachelor. Mainly because I haven't applied but also because I think he's sensitive and I wouldn't want to see him go through the drama. Juan Pablo will be nice eye candy. I just hope they get him some classy broads. He has a daughter for goodness' sake. Please no Tierras or Courtneys or Viennas. (Those are the first 3 awful people that came to mind.) Let's wife him up with someone awesome!

What did you guys think about the finale? And are you ready to see Juan Pablo as the Bachelor?

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  1. My thoughts exactly!! I was a Chris fan from the beginning, so I was happy she finally "got over" the fact that Brooks never loved her and let her heart go to Chris.

    I'm so mad at myself for not auditioning for this season (my friends made a tape for me and everything)...I would have loved to be on Juan Pablo's season. Like they'd even choose me -- what am I thinking? Haha.

    When you and Drew get married, can I get an invite to the wedding? Thanks ;)

    xo, B