Thursday, August 1, 2013


My July goals can be summed up in one word...


Fail fail fail fail. I did make some damn good spaghetti sauce, but I don't measure anything so I have no recipe to share. I didn't even pick up a book. I did yoga once...all month. I never went on a walk. And I did not lose three pounds. Instead, I gained 3. (Down 9 for the year.)

August Goals

1. Sign up for a class

2. Wash my car

3. Increase my savings

4. Meditation/Quiet Times

5. Work toward my weight loss goal

As a University employee, I can take two free classes per semester. I'm thinking a foreign language or a literature course!

I've had my car for over a year now and it has never been cleaned. Time to get the soap and bucket out. And by that, I mean time to support a local business and take it to a car wash in town.

I have a small cash savings and another small auto withdrawal into a savings account. Both are monthly. I need to get in the habit of putting money away weekly. Starting in August.

I'm alone a lot (I like it that way), but I'm always watching TV or browsing the Internet (BuzzFeed). I haven't spent a lot of time just sitting and clearing my mind. I definitely need to do that more. Daily.

I've had "lose 1 pound" and "lose 3 pounds" as a goal every month this year. For the most part, I succeeded. Next week, I'm finally going to share my story about struggles with weight. I have a plan to get where I want to be...and I begin implementing that plan today.

Are you still working toward your 2013 goals?

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  1. Well I'm hungry for spaghetti now.

    Cheers to continuing on your goals!