Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shit, guys.

I apologize for the racy title of this post, but words like shoot, dern, and dagnabit freak me out.

One of my November goals was to blog once a week. Immediately after clicking "publish", I decided that I wasn't going to fulfill that goal. Instead, I planned to close down shop on Faye'sbook and relaunch on January 1 with a new look and a new outlook.

Today, I threw that idea out the window. Instead, I will stay live, post when I want, and make subtle changes as I go along. One of those changes is to delete half of my old posts, so read up on those while you can! (ahem, Dating Diaries will be the first to go.)

hello, Selfie.

I will continue with goals on the 1st of every month. I will finally post about some music on the From the Crowd tab. I'll tell you about recent happenings and upcoming events. Maybe I'll do another awkward fashion blogger post. And I will definitely follow up on The Skinny on Being Skinny. You want more recipes? Cause I have a lot! Plus, there are 5 possibilities for Want It Wednesday before Christmas!

I want to thank you for getting me back into this. It was catching up on your blogs and reading your comments that brought me back to this space.

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