Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Space

I told you I was working on something new…and it's finally here. Faye'sbook is officially retired and I will now be blogging from Faye & A. Come take a peek at my new space!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Podunk, Mississippi

I will not speak ill of the town in which I was raised. It's a charming town, smack dab in the middle of the Bible belt where people say things like "smack dab" and "y'all", are most always willing to lend a hand to a stranger in need, deliver all types of preserves and jellies and jams to their neighbors, and wave at every person they pass on the street. It has a cute little historic town square, a couple clothing stores, and a few fast food restaurants. Also, lots of fields and factories and churches. Oh, lots of churches. 

You have a mutual friend with everyone (most likely your mama), and everyone knows your business. Wait. That's where the problems come in, huh? Small, southern, Bible belt towns are all about the same in that manner. Everyone's #1 priority seems to be someone else's business. 

My little hometown, Mississippi voted yesterday on whether or not to make the city wet. For those of you who don't know what that means (because you probably didn't know that dry counties exist)…the sale, transport, and possession of alcohol is currently illegal in this town. As in, if you are driving through on the highway on your way to a BBQ in another county and happen to have a cooler in your vehicle…you could get a ticket, you definitely will be forced to pull over and pour out each container one by one, and you could also potentially spend 3 weeks in jail. 

I haven't been back to this town much since I graduated high school 8 years ago, so this vote doesn't really affect me. My mother still lives there, but she comes to visit us, especially for holidays (so we can have a glass of wine with dinner). 

However, my Facebook has blown up with my two biggest pet peeves throughout this election. 

#2. Poor Grammar. Honestly. What this town really needs to be voting on is education reform. Okay, that's taking it a little far because (somehow) this county was voted as the best place to raise children in Mississippi based on standardized test scores. There just must not be an English portion. Really. People. SALE and SELL are not interchangeable (and they don't rhyme)! Two, to, and too. You're and your. They're, their, and there. Those words all have different meanings. Those are just the basics, too. There were posts that I couldn't even understand. They speak another language, I'm tellin' ya!

#1. Intolerance, Hate, & Hypocrisy disguised as religion. I can't even go into all of the judgement and "expert opinions" I saw without feeling frustrated. I won't even mention the "God Hates Drinkers" sign (oops). Instead, I will just share with you my favorite hypocritical statement that I read. The argument was that people should vote for alcohol because it will increase local revenue in the city, as currently, people must buy elsewhere. This person. This hypocrite. She disagreed. This was her statement,

"I know there are a lot of people that drink behind closed doors, do you really think they will buy it here out in the open? No, they will continue to get it elsewhere."

No. Just no. Although it's probably true. Which might explain why after loads of comments made their way to Facebook about the destruction of the town coming from alcohol and the devil…the vote still passed. Because I bet half of those people who spoke out against it in public voted yes. It's all about image to them. Unfortunately, they're giving off the wrong one.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A [re]introduction

Hi! You might remember me, I used to blog here regularly. I've lost touch with Blogland over the past year, but I'm ready to jump back in. Not having this creative outlet has been a struggle for me. So I will be going full force from here on out. Starting with a stolen topic from Rachel Rewritten.

basics // Faye. 26.

what you should know about me // As I grow older, I am working on being more feminine (cue red lipstick and curled hair). I've always preferred heels over flats and dresses over jeans, but I am no girly girl. I love sports (watching, not playing), music, cooking, and my manfriend. I have a hard time being spontaneous and might be a tad OCD.

loves of life // My man, A. Family. Friends. My Mosby pup. Laughter. Food. Words. 

home // The small, southern, surprisingly quite liberal, town where I went to college. There are some struggles that come with staying in my college town, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else (most days).

dream job // I would love to be someone's personal assistant. Or an editor. Or writer.

work // My official title is Coordinator of Distance Learning Facilities and Technology Services. It's a mouthful. Basically, I coordinate all of the technology purchases, training, setup, etc. for the department. Fun fact: my first ever job was as a student worker in this same department.

other half // A and I are approaching the one year mark. Our love story isn't very typical, but it's perfect for us. And we're perfect for each other. He cooks for a living, plays golf for fun, has two beautiful daughters, and never seems to age.

favorite food // I am not a picky eater. I think my favorite meal is steak and potatoes. But I also like to eat chicken and fish and veggies and pasta and snack foods (salty more than sweet) and raw oysters and salads and pizza and tacos and burgers. What? Girl likes to eat.

standard bar order // Miller Lite.

what I blog about // That's a tough questions because I'm trying to go in a different direction than I used to. Short answer: life.

why I blog // I've always loved to write, whether it be publicly or in a journal. I don't blog for followers or to please anyone. Hell, most of my posts don't get a single comment. I blog for me. Because I want to share my feelings and my experiences, even if it's just with future me when I go back and read old posts. Also, the blogging community is an amazing one. I have made friends with people I've never met just by reading their words on my computer screen. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


This month, I am taking off from setting goals. Instead, here's a list of exciting things that are happening in September!

+ Nashville this weekend for The Wild Feathers and Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt
If you're going to Nashville for the game, be sure to come see The Wild Feathers at Live on the Green Friday night!

+ Sons of Anarchy final season premiere 
If you don't watch this show, I'm begging you -- don't start. It will kill your soul. But I gotta see how it ends.

+ Cooler weather (fingers crossed)
I'm ready for boots and sweaters.

+ First Ole Miss home game next weekend
It's Grove time!

+ Taking A to see the Avett Brothers
This will be our first big concert together. And it's my favorite band!

+ Fall shopping!
I need boots and sweaters. (see above)

What are you excited about this month?

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to SHAVE Time & Money

I haven't always been the best at managing time or money, but the older I get, the more I learn. In the past year, I have learned a few tricks to shave off a little time and money.

Ways to SHAVE time:

Shower at night: I was always a shower in the morning type. Recently, I began taking my showers before bed. Not only are freshly shaven legs + clean sheets my favorite combination ever (yes, even more so than chocolate + peanut butter), but showering at night saves me around 30 minutes the next morning. More often than not, I spend that extra 30 minutes hitting my snooze button, but sometimes I'll use it to go for a jog, sit outside and have a cup of coffee, or to simply save myself from having to rush through my morning routine.

Organize at the end of the day: Before I leave my office each day, I clean and organize my desk. This includes making my to-do list for the following day. When I arrive in the morning, I don't waste any time thinking of what I need to do. This is probably why I have finished most of my work by 1pm and get to check out what's new on Netflix. (Don't tell my boss.) 

Ways to SHAVE money:

Coupons: Yes. I am the queen of coupons. Now, I don't do "extreme couponing". I don't see the need in buying 100 packs of toilet paper to save a few bucks, but I do research before I shop. The store where I grocery shop sends coupons in the mail based on my purchasing history. Also, there are online coupons for just about everything. Even ones that only save you 50 cents add up quickly.

Online baskets: Here's a tip you may not know. It's also one that I may get in trouble for sharing… If you see something online that you want, but can hold off on for a couple days (or weeks), create an account for the store and stick it in your online shopping cart. More often than not, if the company sees that you've put something in your cart but haven't purchased it…they'll send you a discount code as an incentive. 

Dollar Shave Club has found a way to shave time and money. For just a few bucks a month, you can get new razor blades shipped to your door. I got A a subscription for Father's Day and he loves it. He sent me a SnapChat the first time he used it and has been raving about it ever since. 

He and I both get excited when his shipment arrives each month, because not only does it include high quality replacement blades, but they always send some light bathroom reading or something entertaining along with it. Oh and…those blades make my legs extra smooth. (Don't tell A.)

Check out Dollar Shave Club for your guy (or for yourself!) so that you can shave a little time and money!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mancrates : My survival kit

Everyone has those few items that they just can't live without, right? For A, I'm guessing his would be his golf clubs, a couple balls and tees, and me (that's wishful thinking). pairs some of these essentials together in a custom crate that ships straight to your guy. That means no more hassling with picking out "the perfect gift" … just choose a theme and let Mancrates do the rest. They even have a golfer's crate!

Now, I've been thinking about what my items would be. What would be in my essential survival crate?

Mascara - I'm somewhat of a low-maintenance makeup girl, but mascara is a must. Even on a "no makeup day," I always swipe some mascara to wake up my eyes.

Pen + Paper - I would go crazy without being able to write down events and lists and thoughts. I work in IT and I don't even do electronic calendars. It has to be handwritten.

Sunflower Seeds - The ultimate snack + best way to pass the time. Seriously.

iPod - Without music, I wouldn't even know how to feel. Load that baby up with some Avett Brothers, City & Colour, Nirvana, Alanis, and Britney.

What are your "do or die" essentials? What would be in your crate?

Be sure to check out to learn more!

Friday, August 1, 2014


I did better on my July goals. I only published a couple posts, but I did write most days. Mostly scattered thoughts in a journal, but it was something. I didn't send any handwritten notes, but I did buy the cards. That's progress. I put a photo collage up in my office. It really brightened the space and makes me feel more at home. I ordered a new planner. My current planner ends August 6 and the new one is set to arrive August 7. Perfect timing! I also worked on brainstorming ideas for my new blog [design]. 

Take a trip on the MegaBus.

Take photos for Faye'sbook.

Make a dish I've never cooked.


Do something sweet and unexpected for A.

This first goal is a bit of a cop out, because I already have my trip scheduled. I'll be riding the bus to Dallas later this month! 

It's photo shoot time! 

I recently made scalloped potatoes and squash casserole for the first time. Both were delicious. I want to try a new entree that I've never attempted. Any suggestions?

DIY project. I don't know what, but I want to do something. Refinish a dresser? Paint a chair? Make my own bath salts? 

A and I do little things for each other all the time, but they're kind of expected. Making the bed, folding the laundry, buying Gatorade when the other is hungover…I want to do something sweet for him this month that he won't expect. 

*Bonus: Day 100 of my #100HappyDays challenge was supposed to be June 20th. I'm only on Day 77. I will finish it over the next 23 days.
Do you set yearly resolutions or monthly goals? How are they holding up?

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz!

Hey y'all. Yes, I still exist. I'm working on some big things (not really) so that's why I'm been too busy (lazy) to blog lately. But thankfully, Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel has inspired me to post with The Blogmopolitan Quiz. Check out my answers below, share yours in the comments, and don't forget to visit Two Thirds Hazel to read more!

Bonus: I had so much fun with this, I did the first 2 as well!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Wow. I have no words for my lack of commitment to my monthly goals this year. Maybe my lull in blogging is a contributing factor? I'm hoping to change that in a big way very soon.

My June goals were such a flop. I didn't read any books. I haven't read a book in the last few months, even though it has been on my list each time. I didn't cook dinner every week, but we did eat at home at least once a week -- only A cooked most of the time. Instead of planning our July 4th trip, I decided that neither of us should take off work or spend unnecessary money -- so grilling out and fireworks at home it is! I did a horrible job of taking photos. Even when I was in Omaha, I only snapped a few grainy iPhone pics. I didn't meet my goal of cleaning every day, either. Instead I just made messes every day.

I am trying to rediscover my written voice. Hopefully I can use this space as a trial and error. I mean, that's what it is has been since I started it, right? So, without further ado…here are my July goals.

Write every day. Publish twice a week.
Send handwritten letters.
Put pictures in my office.
Order a new planner.
Work on a new blog design.

Writing has always been my creative outlet. I want to write every day this month…and publish at least two posts a week. Hopefully those posts will be worth posting and not just fillers. 

Handwritten letters are the best and I don't send enough.

My office is very plain. If I feel like I'm in my own space, hopefully I'll be more creative.

My planner ends in July, so I need a new one. I use my planner for everything…event planner, work reminders, meal planning, cleaning schedules, birthdays, blog post planning, and more. I do believe I'll go with Erin Condren again this year. 

Once I rediscover my voice…I want a fresh space to share it with you.

Do you set yearly or monthly goals? How are you doing in keeping them? 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day

My father left this world when I was three years old. I remember, as a young child, asking Jesus to tell him happy Father's Day. That only lasted a few years and then I simply forgot. I never forgot my father, but Father's Day had no special meaning to me. It wasn't until a couple years ago, that I decided to celebrate again. I honestly had to look up what month Father's Day was in. Every year since then, I've written a special post and said a special prayer. This year's post is a little different, but my prayer is the same. 

A is a father. 

When I first met him, I was skeptical about dating someone with children. I wasn't scared of being thrown into a stepmother role that would be greeted with changing diapers, attending soccer games, and driving a minivan. I was scared because his children weren't children. They were teenagers who may very well hate me. I am closer in age to both of them than I am to their father. Initially, this fact sent me running for the hills.

That didn't last long. There was something about this man that drew me in, that wouldn't let me run, though I did try. 

One of the many reasons I fell in love with him is the way his eyes light up when he talks about his girls. His heart is full of love for them and I am so thankful that there was a little room left in there for me. 

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

Monday, June 2, 2014


May was the first month this year that didn't fly by. I felt like it was May forever. It seems like a year ago when I set the 5 goals for May…and that's probably why I forgot about most of them. I did set up all my bills to auto draft but I did not clean out my garage. I moved half of my closet but didn't purge my summer stuff. I did keep my desk clean, for the most part.

June Goals.

Read a book.

Cook dinner once a week.

Plan 4th of July trip.

Take photos.

Clean every day.

I know, I know. I try this almost every month and never actually do it. But I miss reading. Give me suggestions for books you've read recently!

I have been eating out way too much these days. A just bought a grill, so we've grilled at home the past 3 nights. I haven't cooked a meal in weeks. I'll make at least one meal a week this month.

July 4th is coming up. A's dad and brother both live in Florida and his brother has a boat. Time to plan a trip.

Almost every photo I take is via SnapChat. I need to take more photos on my phone and nice camera that I can keep.

A couple months ago I set a goal to clean for 30 minutes each day. It was a huge help at keeping my house mess free, so I'm gonna do it again.

My goals are pretty boring this month, but hopefully they'll hold up. How are you doing with 2014 goals?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bachelorette First Impressions

I want to be Andi Dorfman. (Actually, I just want to look like her.)

This is the first time in the 5 seasons that I've been watching that I do not envy The Bachelorette. Maybe it's because I've found the guy that gets my final rose…but I have a feeling it's because out of the 25 guys, only 5 of them received 3+ stars on my scale of hotness. 

Carl 3/5
Steven 3/5

Josh B. 3.5/5

Marcus 3.5/5
Dylan 4/5

Of course, my first impressions changed as I watched the conversations in the house, but we'll get into those after a few more episodes. (Also, Josh B. What a douche. I regret all 3.5 of those stars.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BirchBox Review - April

When I got back from vacation, my May box was waiting for me so now it's time to review the products I received in April.

Atelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue

I usually stick with my Burberry Brit all year round, but it's nice to have something new to try. It's fresh and summery and really does last a long time. I'll use it until the sample runs out. (Which won't be long because it's tiny.)

BeeKind - Body Lotion

This lotion is super soft and you can tell (by the smell) that it's made with organic ingredients. But come on BirchBox…lotion 3 months in a row? Also, that organic smell…kinda smells like an organic dude. So it became a nice little happy for the BF!

Color Club - Gala's Gems Collection (Gold Struck)

My sister got the "Aquamarine Azulino", my best friend got the "Breakfast At…", and I got "Gold Struck", so I've used all 3 in the past month. They are beautiful colors that go on easily and then, even with at least 2 coats and a top coat, chip off in 2-3 days. Thankfully I like changing it up often, but I wouldn't spend the money on the full-size.

Sumita - Color Intense Pencil (Black)

I got this liner in Black and my sister got it in Purple, so I've tried both. I was the queen of eye liner in my high school days, but don't wear it much now. However, it is nice to spice it up for a night out every now and then…and this eyeliner is perfect for that.

KIND Snacks - Healthy Grains Bar (Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt)

As you can see from the photo above, I ate this before I even had time to take a picture of my box. It was so delicious. I purchased two full-size boxes immediately. 

Also in April, BirchBox included one of their "52 bright ideas for a rainy day". I got tip number 17. "Try a new fitness class at your gym or a boutique studio. Drag a friend along for moral support." It was a nice reminder that I signed up for a gym because it offered fitness classes and then never went back.

Here's what I'll be trying in May!

Have you signed up for BirchBox?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From the Crowd, for Tupelo

Last Monday, the South was hit with devastating storms and tornadoes. Oxford was spared, but Tupelo, which sits just 50 miles east, was not. Homes and businesses…destroyed. A tornado, estimated to be a mile wide, ripped through the town, leaving only destruction behind.

The following Wednesday, a few local musicians in Oxford had a show planned at Proud Larry's. Instead of passing around a tip jar, they chose to pass around a Tupelo jar. All proceeds went to help the victims recover. 

I am so proud of my town and the people in it. Not just Aaron & Keith but all the people who took a few dollars out of their wallet for Tupelo. 

Not only did we support a much needed cause, but Aaron, Keith, and friends rocked the house. So much so that they broke the equipment. Oops.

Great job, guys. 

Sorry for the poor quality cell phone videos.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'm actually quite ashamed about how poorly I've been doing on completing my goals this year. My April goals were basically a joke. Yet again, I didn't read a book. I did the first few days of the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge, but then slacked off. I did complete the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse (and lost 4 pounds). I also took Mosby on one walk…which was actually more like a hike. But only one. Cleaning was a bit of a success. I did do a little light house cleaning every day, but it wasn't always 30 minutes worth.

May Goals.

Set up all bills to auto draft.

Clean out garage.

Move closet.

Purge summer stuff.

Clean my desk every day.

50% of my bills auto draft from my account, but the other 50% do not. I'm totally over writing checks and paying things online. I'd rather just have my account do it for me automatically.

Our garage is full of Christmas stuff, old boxes, and old clothes. Time to throw it out and set up A's Chuck Norris gym.

A and I are moving into the master bedroom of our house. We have to clean and paint before we do so, but I want to go ahead and start putting things in the closet as a head start.

I still have this swimsuit. Why? There's no way that's fitting me ever again. 

I usually clean up my desk and make a to-do list for the day when I get into work. It would be so much easier if that was already done when I arrived.

How are your 2014 goals going for you? Hopefully better than mine!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You'll just know.

We have always been told that when you find the oneyou'll just know.

I doubted this for years. I had 3 "serious" relationships. The high school boyfriend. The first college boyfriend. The other college boyfriend. At one point in all three of those relationships, I thought. "I guess he's the one." Then, in the next relationship, I wondered…"Well I thought he was the one, but I guess this one must be?" 

They weren't. None of them were. Because now...

I am in love. And I know he's the one.

Oh yes, you read that correctly. The "emotionally emotionless" girl who had been selectively single for 3+ years, ran from the bouquet toss at weddings, and was 100% anti-cuddling is in love. 

A and I had an interesting beginning, but it was exactly what we needed to get us to where we are now.

I am in love with his heart. I am in love with his mind (though I'm never really sure what he's thinking). I am in love with the man he is today and the man he is becoming. I am especially in love with the woman I am becoming because of him. 

Every day, I think it's not possible for me to love him any more than I do…and the very next day, I am proven wrong. 

I was always told I'd have a whirlwind romance. It wasn't exactly like my friends imagined. I didn't meet a foreign guy on vacation, fall in love, and get married 6 weeks later. But. A and I have been together* for 6 months and I already know. 

*We casually dated each other, off and on, for a year before we decided to actually give it a real shot and be together. Best decision ever.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Confessions From the Weekend

This weekend was Oxford's big Spring festival -- Double Decker

I had planned to take a ton of pictures and write a full post about the awesomeness that surrounds the weekend in Oxford. But confession #1…I didn't take a single picture. Thankfully, Rachel over @ Rachel Rewritten wrote exactly what I had in mind. So you can check that out instead. (Bonus: cute pictures of her niece.) 

Confession #2 - I got sassy with a rent-a-cop security guard. So, we were offered backstage passes for the Wild Feathers show, but I didn't want a view of their behinds. I wanted to be front and center. 

But then, after the show - I did want to go backstage. I walked around and just waltzed through the barricade. Nope. The security guard stopped me. I politely explained to him that I was friends with the band, to which he responded, "Mmmhmm yeah, everyone is." Then I got sassy. Because I really am friends with the band. One of the members even came over when he saw what was happening and tried to escort me in but that didn't work either. I had to have a pass or the security guard wasn't budging. After a few minutes, I got a pass. And I'm pretty sure I said "nananana booboo" to the guard. 

Confession number three is worst of all. Day drinking has a much different effect on me. When I drink at night, I get tipsy and I dance. (Usually a choreographed dance from a Britney Spears video.) But day drinking? Even just sipping a few beers in the hot sun…it's like truth elixir. I just start spilling secrets (my own, don't worry) and tell people way more information than they'd ever care to know. I hung out with a friend from out of town all that night and I told her every single detail about my life, from past relationships to current, family issues, and everything in between. I now think she knows me better than any of my closest friends. Oops.

How was your weekend? Any confessions to share?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

BirchBox Review - March

My March BirchBox contained two things I was really hoping for.

I have been hoping for some of this. My hands have been so dry this winter and my lips stay chapped. It's a little greasy, but that's obviously what my hands needed, because it worked. Just don't put it on if you know you'll be shaking someone's hand in the near future. Also, the sample size was super tiny. I doubt I'll buy the full-size because, well, Winter is over and my hands are soft again.

I got a similar product in January, but this stuff is amazing. It smells amazing, it feels amazing, and it made my hair look amazing. It's definitely worth the full-size purchase. 

I have been hoping for a BB cream to come in my box. I already discovered a CC cream that I love, so naturally, I thought the BB cream would be great, too. I hate it. It makes my face feel wet and gross when I put it on. I tried it a few times, but wanted to wash my face immediately. I'll stick to my drug store Maybelline BB cream for now.

I've been trying to wear more color on my lips, but I don't like this stuff. It makes my lips so dry that I have to put on chapstick, too. And then my chapstick turns pink. Plus, it's almost the exact same color as the cheek and lip stuff I got last month. Lame.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Love this stuff. (Told y'all, I love my Jergens.) Plus, BirchBox included a $2 off coupon in my box. I'll be purchasing this as soon as my sample runs out.

Here's what I'll be trying this month. 

Have you signed up for BirchBox?

Monday, April 7, 2014

An Open Letter to Ted Mosby

Dear Ted,

You've been a part of my life for the past four years*. I welcomed you into my living room every Monday night for 6 months of the year. (Who am I kidding? Sunday afternoon during DVR catchup time.) I laughed with you, I cried with you, I hoped for you, and sometimes I hated you. God, you could be annoying. But most of all, I loved you. I even named my first "born" after you.

Mosby (full name: Hurricane Mosbius Stinson)

I was with you through Robin, Victoria (ugh), Robin, Stella (sorry bro), Zoey, Robin, Victoria again (double ugh) and even Holli, BlahBlah, Honey, and the Slutty Pumpkin. I was with you when you finally met the Mother. I watched you make a ton of mistakes and twice as many romantic gestures. And last week, you made your last one as you 

***Spoiler Alert***

once again stole the blue french horn for Robin. At first, I didn't know how to feel. (Even after being reminded that a few years ago, I made the statement, "The mother's gonna die and he'll end up with Robin.") After having a week to let it really sink in, I can only say that I'm happy for you. And also, thank God it's not Victoria. 

Best Wishes,
Faye Walter

P.S. Just a thought. Robin wanted to run away with you at her wedding to Barney and you turned her down. When she left a very pregnant Lily (dressed as Moby Dick) on Halloween, she said it was hard to be around you because you were happy and she realized that she should have ended up with you. When she shows up to your wedding, she's clearly jeals. How exactly did the Mother get sick? Was she around Robin much? Did you test for arsenic poisoning? Just wondering.

*I watched the first five seasons in about a month to prepare for season 6, so that's why it has only been 4 years.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Confess Sesh

So, I have a few things to confess.

I'm obsessed with SnapChat selfies

I can't decide if I'm the worst girlfriend or the best girlfriend. This morning, A was folding some clothes and I told him to stop. I read this article once that says you should never critique a man or re-do things he has done. You don't want to emasculate the poor guy. But. I like laundry to be folded a certain way. And I actually like doing laundry. So I want to do it. Worst girlfriend for potentially emasculating him? Or best girlfriend for giving him a free lifetime pass to never being forced to fold laundry?

I posted a political status on Facebook today. My state passed that ridiculous "religious freedom" bill that was in the news when it was vetoed by the Arizona governor. Apparently, a business owner can refuse to do business with someone on the grounds that it interferes with their religious beliefs and that person who is refused has no right to legal action. So basically, if you're a Mississippi Christian, you can refuse service to homosexuals. Because I'm a Christian, I could refuse service to those that refuse service to homosexuals. (Because I believe in loving your neighbor as yourself.)

I sold my tickets to the sold out show for The XX at the Lyric so I could attend a free Nelly concert in the Grove. And I'm not ashamed. Uh-oh! 

What do you have to confess? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today is April 1. I'm hoping I make it through without getting fooled. It's not likely.

March actually seemed like it lasted forever. And yet I didn't have time to complete any of my goals. I did change my sheets and clean up my bedroom once a week, but it wasn't always on Sunday. I took one bath early in the month when I was sick, but not every week. I picked up Tina Fey's Bossypants and haven't even opened it, so I obviously didn't read it. Not only did I not work out 2 times a week…I didn't work out one time a week. I didn't work out one time this month. Other than a sweet card I gave to A the other day, no handwritten cards were sent. 

April Goals

Read a book.

30 Day Beach Body Challenge.

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.

Go on walks with Mosby.

Clean for 30 minutes each day.

I always seem to fail at the reading a book goal, but that's why I keep setting it. I used to read at least 12 books a year, and I haven't been doing that lately. All it takes is the time to read a few pages and get in the story. I just need to do it.

I'm going to the beach in May. April 12th marks 30 days until my departure. So for those 30 days, I'll be doing this Beach Body Challenge that I found on Pinterest. 

I did the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse last summer and loved it. It's time to do it again. April 7-16. Those days are perfect because it's right between two home SEC baseball weekends. I'm gonna need to drink beer and eat burgers at the baseball games. Duh.

We have a large fenced in back yard, but Mosby loves to go on walks. Now that it's warmer, I'm gonna take him on a walk around the neighborhood or around the Square at least once a week.

I did a deep clean of my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom last week. It took hours. If I vow to just clean for 30 minutes every day (and clean up messes as soon as they're made), it'll stay looking nice.

What are your goals for the month? 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where Do You See Yourself?

My life is nowhere close to what I thought it would be one year ago, five years ago, or ten years ago. I mean, nowhere.

At no time in my life would I have guessed that I'd ever wear sparkles.

Ten years ago, I was 16. I was in a serious* relationship with my high school sweetheart who, looking back, wasn't really all that sweet to me. My life consisted of cheerleading practice and studying. I knew that I would have to keep up my grades and extra-curriculars to get a scholarship to college. And I did. But also, my mindset at 16 was that by 26, I'd be married with children. Obviously, I was getting married right after high school and then going to college. After college, I'd get a job and we'd have kids. Boy, was I naive. 

*High school relationships are not serious. They may last past high school and you might even marry your high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. But you don't know that yet. You don't really know anything yet. Except maybe the value of Pi. 

My friend here did get married immediately after HS graduation. It did not work out.

Five years ago, I was in a fun but thisisgoingnowhere relationship. So let's jump to four years ago. I had just ended that relationship, was about to graduate college, and making big plans for my future. I was nervous, but knew that I'd move to a big city. Dallas, Austin, and Boston were my front runners. I tweaked my resume, wrote a million cover letters, and sent follow up emails like it was my job. (Well, I guess if that was my job I wouldn't need to do all that to get a job? Anyway.) When I looked 4 years down the road, to where I am now, I saw myself working for a large corporation in a big city. Maybe dating, maybe not. I'd be living in a loft apartment with exposed brick walls and white furniture and I'd sip 5 o'clock martinis with coworkers every day.

I actually do still want this apartment. 

One year ago, I was painfully single and I kinda hated my job. I wasn't painfully single in the way that I was dying to meet Mr. Right, I was just sick and tired of dealing with all of the Mr. Wrongs. On the job front, I had been given a ton of extra responsibilities with no extra pay or incentives. It was overwhelming and was beginning to look like it wasn't worth sticking around. At this point, I didn't have much hope for the future. I assumed that in one year, I'd be in the same exact boat. Single and stuck in the lulls of dating in a small, college town and settling with a job that was just mediocre. 

Oh, also, I was about 30 pounds heavier.

I'm so thankful that I was wrong each time. I didn't run off and get married right after high school. I didn't move away to a big city and get lost in the corporate world. And I can say that, a year from my last guess for the future, I am not still single and in an unfulfilling job. 

Today, I am in a very happy and healthy relationship (with Mr. Right). In fact, we're moving in together next month. 

I am in the same job, but have since been recognized for my work. A few months ago, I was given a title change and a pretty hefty salary increase. Also, even though I never had the chance to move to a big city…my job gives me the flexibility to travel and take numerous vacations. 

If I were asked to guess where I'll be one year from now, five years from now, or ten years from now…I would simply say, "no thanks". Life isn't about guessing where you'll be in the future. It's about enjoying the now. And boy, I sure am.

Are you?