Monday, February 17, 2014


Since February is halfway over, I think it's time to set some goals for the month. First, let me tell you how I did with my January goals. I did not finish two books. I did finally read Gone Girl, though. And I was too drained to read anything else. I was hoping my roommate would have a Nicholas Sparks book lying around (it was definitely needed after such a heavy read), but I couldn't find one. My office isn't completely decorated, but I got a new desk! So we'll call that a win. I did work on drinking more water, but not as much as I'd like. So, fail. None of my household projects were completed, except that we finally took down the Christmas decorations. Maybe a half win there? I cleaned out my dresser, but never got to my closet. I did put about 10 items in my "donate" box, though. Another half win. So far I'm 2/5 on my goals for the year.

However, my overall goals are coming along. Be healthy. Be organized. Be happy. 

February goals.

1. Put away old cards/keepsakes 

2. Rearrange bedroom furniture

3. Read a book

4. Set up budget

5. Schedule workout routine

I have a ton of cards and concert tickets and whatnots in my planner. They seriously make the thing twice as heavy. It's time to put them away. (But not throw them away, of course.)

I've been planning to trade beds with the guest room for a while. I'll get it done this month and maybe do a little extra rearranging while I'm at it.

I've only got 11 days to pick one out and read it. Any suggestions?

I used to keep a monthly budget in Excel. I stopped at the end of last year and haven't picked it up again this year. 90% of my bills are auto drafted from my account at different times during the month. I forgot how easy it is to forget about those without having them accounted for in advance. 

My workout class that I joined in August was canceled in January. I've been searching for another to join so that I can have a regular workout schedule. 

I'm getting a late start on these, so I've got to get a move on. Any suggestions for small goals I can set in the coming months that will help me to be more healthy, organized, and happy?

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