Thursday, March 13, 2014


I confess…

…I'm really trying to get back into blogging, but I can't seem to find my voice. Before I was in a relationship, I scoffed at the lovey blogs who only talked about the "bf" or the "hubs" (but I never stopped reading them). I wrote about horrible dating stories and my crushes on celebrities. Now, I just want to write lovey things about my bf. Gross.

…I haven't worked out regularly since early December. I haven't been eating very healthy either. I've put on about 5 pounds so far this year, which isn't really a lot except for the fact that since this time last year, I've been constantly losing about 2-3 pounds a month. It's a major step back for me. I'm going to the beach in 60 days, so it's time to get into gear.

…I'm extremely disappointed in the lineup for Hangout Music Fest this year. When it came out, I wasn't too impressed, but decided that it would still be fun. There are a lot of bands that I will be seeing for the first time (Outkast, The Killers, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stoneage) and a few bands that I have seen before and loved (The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers, The Flaming Lips). Plus, it's on the beach. But now that other music fests are releasing their lineups, I see how lackluster the lineup really is. Props to them for recognizing this and adding Matt & Kim, Caked Up!, and a few more artists that I'm excited about.

…I've been a bit of a Debbie Downer lately (I'm about to start my period) so I decided to join #100HappyDays to make an attempt at focusing on the great things in my life that make me happy on a daily basis. I also confess that I will likely not finish the 100 days because I'm forgetful and a procrastinator. But I sure am gonna try. [Follow along on Instagram] 

…I am so behind on TV shows this season, but I keep adding new ones. I haven't finished Sons of Anarchy or started Girls. But I watched all of True Detective. I'm way behind on How I Met Your Mother and Men at Work, but I'm about to start Looking. Every new commercial for Pretty Little Liars contains some sort of spoiler for me, but I think I want to watch House of Cards.

What do you have to confess? And what TV shows are you watching?


  1. Queens of the Stoneage are great! I saw them in January and LOVED it.

  2. House of Cards is a MUST! Since there has only been 2 seasons, you won't have much to catch up on! =)