Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Confess Sesh

So, I have a few things to confess.

I'm obsessed with SnapChat selfies

I can't decide if I'm the worst girlfriend or the best girlfriend. This morning, A was folding some clothes and I told him to stop. I read this article once that says you should never critique a man or re-do things he has done. You don't want to emasculate the poor guy. But. I like laundry to be folded a certain way. And I actually like doing laundry. So I want to do it. Worst girlfriend for potentially emasculating him? Or best girlfriend for giving him a free lifetime pass to never being forced to fold laundry?

I posted a political status on Facebook today. My state passed that ridiculous "religious freedom" bill that was in the news when it was vetoed by the Arizona governor. Apparently, a business owner can refuse to do business with someone on the grounds that it interferes with their religious beliefs and that person who is refused has no right to legal action. So basically, if you're a Mississippi Christian, you can refuse service to homosexuals. Because I'm a Christian, I could refuse service to those that refuse service to homosexuals. (Because I believe in loving your neighbor as yourself.)

I sold my tickets to the sold out show for The XX at the Lyric so I could attend a free Nelly concert in the Grove. And I'm not ashamed. Uh-oh! 

What do you have to confess? 


  1. Andele andele mami, E I E I
    Uh-oh! What's poppin' tonite?

  2. I'm thinking 'best girlfriend' for giving the guy a lifetime pass on laundry! ...but I guess it's a 'know your guy' kinda thing depending on the situation. When I was in college me and a couple of the guys would occasionally buy a cosmo or similar magazine and laugh our asses off at all of the horribly sad and incorrect advice they would give out on guys! Gawd some of that stuff was horrible!! for laundry, my wife usually does it and I will occasionally 'help'. She doesn't like the way I fold some things, she'll show me how she wants it done, I'll do a few that way then go back to doing it my way ;). Personally I dont understand what difference it makes which way I fold her panties or how I roll her socks! Lol!