Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today is April 1. I'm hoping I make it through without getting fooled. It's not likely.

March actually seemed like it lasted forever. And yet I didn't have time to complete any of my goals. I did change my sheets and clean up my bedroom once a week, but it wasn't always on Sunday. I took one bath early in the month when I was sick, but not every week. I picked up Tina Fey's Bossypants and haven't even opened it, so I obviously didn't read it. Not only did I not work out 2 times a week…I didn't work out one time a week. I didn't work out one time this month. Other than a sweet card I gave to A the other day, no handwritten cards were sent. 

April Goals

Read a book.

30 Day Beach Body Challenge.

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.

Go on walks with Mosby.

Clean for 30 minutes each day.

I always seem to fail at the reading a book goal, but that's why I keep setting it. I used to read at least 12 books a year, and I haven't been doing that lately. All it takes is the time to read a few pages and get in the story. I just need to do it.

I'm going to the beach in May. April 12th marks 30 days until my departure. So for those 30 days, I'll be doing this Beach Body Challenge that I found on Pinterest. 

I did the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse last summer and loved it. It's time to do it again. April 7-16. Those days are perfect because it's right between two home SEC baseball weekends. I'm gonna need to drink beer and eat burgers at the baseball games. Duh.

We have a large fenced in back yard, but Mosby loves to go on walks. Now that it's warmer, I'm gonna take him on a walk around the neighborhood or around the Square at least once a week.

I did a deep clean of my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom last week. It took hours. If I vow to just clean for 30 minutes every day (and clean up messes as soon as they're made), it'll stay looking nice.

What are your goals for the month? 

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