Monday, April 28, 2014

Confessions From the Weekend

This weekend was Oxford's big Spring festival -- Double Decker

I had planned to take a ton of pictures and write a full post about the awesomeness that surrounds the weekend in Oxford. But confession #1…I didn't take a single picture. Thankfully, Rachel over @ Rachel Rewritten wrote exactly what I had in mind. So you can check that out instead. (Bonus: cute pictures of her niece.) 

Confession #2 - I got sassy with a rent-a-cop security guard. So, we were offered backstage passes for the Wild Feathers show, but I didn't want a view of their behinds. I wanted to be front and center. 

But then, after the show - I did want to go backstage. I walked around and just waltzed through the barricade. Nope. The security guard stopped me. I politely explained to him that I was friends with the band, to which he responded, "Mmmhmm yeah, everyone is." Then I got sassy. Because I really am friends with the band. One of the members even came over when he saw what was happening and tried to escort me in but that didn't work either. I had to have a pass or the security guard wasn't budging. After a few minutes, I got a pass. And I'm pretty sure I said "nananana booboo" to the guard. 

Confession number three is worst of all. Day drinking has a much different effect on me. When I drink at night, I get tipsy and I dance. (Usually a choreographed dance from a Britney Spears video.) But day drinking? Even just sipping a few beers in the hot sun…it's like truth elixir. I just start spilling secrets (my own, don't worry) and tell people way more information than they'd ever care to know. I hung out with a friend from out of town all that night and I told her every single detail about my life, from past relationships to current, family issues, and everything in between. I now think she knows me better than any of my closest friends. Oops.

How was your weekend? Any confessions to share?

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  1. Hate I didn't get to see you all weekend :(