Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From the Crowd, for Tupelo

Last Monday, the South was hit with devastating storms and tornadoes. Oxford was spared, but Tupelo, which sits just 50 miles east, was not. Homes and businesses…destroyed. A tornado, estimated to be a mile wide, ripped through the town, leaving only destruction behind.

The following Wednesday, a few local musicians in Oxford had a show planned at Proud Larry's. Instead of passing around a tip jar, they chose to pass around a Tupelo jar. All proceeds went to help the victims recover. 

I am so proud of my town and the people in it. Not just Aaron & Keith but all the people who took a few dollars out of their wallet for Tupelo. 

Not only did we support a much needed cause, but Aaron, Keith, and friends rocked the house. So much so that they broke the equipment. Oops.

Great job, guys. 

Sorry for the poor quality cell phone videos.

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