Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bachelorette First Impressions

I want to be Andi Dorfman. (Actually, I just want to look like her.)

This is the first time in the 5 seasons that I've been watching that I do not envy The Bachelorette. Maybe it's because I've found the guy that gets my final rose…but I have a feeling it's because out of the 25 guys, only 5 of them received 3+ stars on my scale of hotness. 

Carl 3/5
Steven 3/5

Josh B. 3.5/5

Marcus 3.5/5
Dylan 4/5

Of course, my first impressions changed as I watched the conversations in the house, but we'll get into those after a few more episodes. (Also, Josh B. What a douche. I regret all 3.5 of those stars.)


  1. Not Eric?? Man, I think he's SUUUUPER good looking. It's a shame what happened to him :(

  2. If you didn't post on the Bachelorette, I wouldn't know anything about it. So keep me updated.