Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Wow. I have no words for my lack of commitment to my monthly goals this year. Maybe my lull in blogging is a contributing factor? I'm hoping to change that in a big way very soon.

My June goals were such a flop. I didn't read any books. I haven't read a book in the last few months, even though it has been on my list each time. I didn't cook dinner every week, but we did eat at home at least once a week -- only A cooked most of the time. Instead of planning our July 4th trip, I decided that neither of us should take off work or spend unnecessary money -- so grilling out and fireworks at home it is! I did a horrible job of taking photos. Even when I was in Omaha, I only snapped a few grainy iPhone pics. I didn't meet my goal of cleaning every day, either. Instead I just made messes every day.

I am trying to rediscover my written voice. Hopefully I can use this space as a trial and error. I mean, that's what it is has been since I started it, right? So, without further ado…here are my July goals.

Write every day. Publish twice a week.
Send handwritten letters.
Put pictures in my office.
Order a new planner.
Work on a new blog design.

Writing has always been my creative outlet. I want to write every day this month…and publish at least two posts a week. Hopefully those posts will be worth posting and not just fillers. 

Handwritten letters are the best and I don't send enough.

My office is very plain. If I feel like I'm in my own space, hopefully I'll be more creative.

My planner ends in July, so I need a new one. I use my planner for everything…event planner, work reminders, meal planning, cleaning schedules, birthdays, blog post planning, and more. I do believe I'll go with Erin Condren again this year. 

Once I rediscover my voice…I want a fresh space to share it with you.

Do you set yearly or monthly goals? How are you doing in keeping them? 

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  1. Yes, write, write, write. We miss you around the blog world. Love seeing your name pop up in my reader! And yay to new blog design. A fresh space is always a good way to start anew :)