Friday, August 1, 2014


I did better on my July goals. I only published a couple posts, but I did write most days. Mostly scattered thoughts in a journal, but it was something. I didn't send any handwritten notes, but I did buy the cards. That's progress. I put a photo collage up in my office. It really brightened the space and makes me feel more at home. I ordered a new planner. My current planner ends August 6 and the new one is set to arrive August 7. Perfect timing! I also worked on brainstorming ideas for my new blog [design]. 

Take a trip on the MegaBus.

Take photos for Faye'sbook.

Make a dish I've never cooked.


Do something sweet and unexpected for A.

This first goal is a bit of a cop out, because I already have my trip scheduled. I'll be riding the bus to Dallas later this month! 

It's photo shoot time! 

I recently made scalloped potatoes and squash casserole for the first time. Both were delicious. I want to try a new entree that I've never attempted. Any suggestions?

DIY project. I don't know what, but I want to do something. Refinish a dresser? Paint a chair? Make my own bath salts? 

A and I do little things for each other all the time, but they're kind of expected. Making the bed, folding the laundry, buying Gatorade when the other is hungover…I want to do something sweet for him this month that he won't expect. 

*Bonus: Day 100 of my #100HappyDays challenge was supposed to be June 20th. I'm only on Day 77. I will finish it over the next 23 days.
Do you set yearly resolutions or monthly goals? How are they holding up?

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