Friday, August 8, 2014

Mancrates : My survival kit

Everyone has those few items that they just can't live without, right? For A, I'm guessing his would be his golf clubs, a couple balls and tees, and me (that's wishful thinking). pairs some of these essentials together in a custom crate that ships straight to your guy. That means no more hassling with picking out "the perfect gift" … just choose a theme and let Mancrates do the rest. They even have a golfer's crate!

Now, I've been thinking about what my items would be. What would be in my essential survival crate?

Mascara - I'm somewhat of a low-maintenance makeup girl, but mascara is a must. Even on a "no makeup day," I always swipe some mascara to wake up my eyes.

Pen + Paper - I would go crazy without being able to write down events and lists and thoughts. I work in IT and I don't even do electronic calendars. It has to be handwritten.

Sunflower Seeds - The ultimate snack + best way to pass the time. Seriously.

iPod - Without music, I wouldn't even know how to feel. Load that baby up with some Avett Brothers, City & Colour, Nirvana, Alanis, and Britney.

What are your "do or die" essentials? What would be in your crate?

Be sure to check out to learn more!

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