Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Podunk, Mississippi

I will not speak ill of the town in which I was raised. It's a charming town, smack dab in the middle of the Bible belt where people say things like "smack dab" and "y'all", are most always willing to lend a hand to a stranger in need, deliver all types of preserves and jellies and jams to their neighbors, and wave at every person they pass on the street. It has a cute little historic town square, a couple clothing stores, and a few fast food restaurants. Also, lots of fields and factories and churches. Oh, lots of churches. 

You have a mutual friend with everyone (most likely your mama), and everyone knows your business. Wait. That's where the problems come in, huh? Small, southern, Bible belt towns are all about the same in that manner. Everyone's #1 priority seems to be someone else's business. 

My little hometown, Mississippi voted yesterday on whether or not to make the city wet. For those of you who don't know what that means (because you probably didn't know that dry counties exist)…the sale, transport, and possession of alcohol is currently illegal in this town. As in, if you are driving through on the highway on your way to a BBQ in another county and happen to have a cooler in your vehicle…you could get a ticket, you definitely will be forced to pull over and pour out each container one by one, and you could also potentially spend 3 weeks in jail. 

I haven't been back to this town much since I graduated high school 8 years ago, so this vote doesn't really affect me. My mother still lives there, but she comes to visit us, especially for holidays (so we can have a glass of wine with dinner). 

However, my Facebook has blown up with my two biggest pet peeves throughout this election. 

#2. Poor Grammar. Honestly. What this town really needs to be voting on is education reform. Okay, that's taking it a little far because (somehow) this county was voted as the best place to raise children in Mississippi based on standardized test scores. There just must not be an English portion. Really. People. SALE and SELL are not interchangeable (and they don't rhyme)! Two, to, and too. You're and your. They're, their, and there. Those words all have different meanings. Those are just the basics, too. There were posts that I couldn't even understand. They speak another language, I'm tellin' ya!

#1. Intolerance, Hate, & Hypocrisy disguised as religion. I can't even go into all of the judgement and "expert opinions" I saw without feeling frustrated. I won't even mention the "God Hates Drinkers" sign (oops). Instead, I will just share with you my favorite hypocritical statement that I read. The argument was that people should vote for alcohol because it will increase local revenue in the city, as currently, people must buy elsewhere. This person. This hypocrite. She disagreed. This was her statement,

"I know there are a lot of people that drink behind closed doors, do you really think they will buy it here out in the open? No, they will continue to get it elsewhere."

No. Just no. Although it's probably true. Which might explain why after loads of comments made their way to Facebook about the destruction of the town coming from alcohol and the devil…the vote still passed. Because I bet half of those people who spoke out against it in public voted yes. It's all about image to them. Unfortunately, they're giving off the wrong one.

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  1. lol, wow! The city I'm from isn't small and we can drink here, but it's in the south and I can definitely relate to a lot of this! Good post!