Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So…who should be the next Bachelor?

Last week, we left off with the sobfest that was Cupcake Chris, the Dentist, after Kaitlyn left him stranded on the edge of a cliff. With that, 5 contenders remain.

Perfect Ben H, Just Friends Jared, Country Boy Joe, Douchebag Nick, and Johnny Bravo, er…Shawn.
Quick recap: Perfect one on one with Perfect Ben. Group date with Joe, Nick, & Shawn. Even though I don't really consider Kentucky "the South", it is "country" and Country Boy Joe told Kaitlyn in his deepest hick accent, "I'm in love with you baby". Could he really not see that she wasn't feelin' it? Now I am actually from the South and I know these Southern boys and their Southern pride, and Joe definitely followed suit by turning cold and rude when he was given the boot. Buh bye. The rest of the group date turned into a one on one with Johnny Bravo where Kaitlyn admitted to him that she had sex with Nick. Surprisingly, he said all the right things…but then recanted them at the rose ceremony before accepting the first rose. Ben got the second rose because, Ben. So it came down to Jared the sweetest guy ever and Nick the not-so-sweetest guy ever. Of course, because girls tend to make the worst decisions when it comes to choosing who to date, Nick got the last rose.

Okay, so. Out of these 5 guys, do we really have a Bachelor

1) Joe. No. I really have no reasoning behind this other than…no.

2) Jared. So sweet. And funny. And I want him to be my best friend. But that's really it…he's like, friend-zone central. I didn't think he was all that attractive on night one, but each time I saw him, he got cuter and cuter. But still, not Bachelor material. I just imagine the Bachelor as someone super manly and buff. (Is that sexist? It isn't even my type.) I compare him to Ben F* in that he doesn't have the ideal "Bachelor" look…and we all know what a disaster that season became. 

3) Nick. Okay, I'm gonna sound like Shawn here, but he's already been on the Bachelorette twice. He cannot be the Bachelor. Plus, he is just not interesting to me. At all.

4) Shawn. I don't think Shawn could handle it. Or he'd just go from being emotional on the Bachelorette to being a super playboy on the Bachelor. Neither of which I want to see.

5) Ben. Ben is perfect for the Bachelor. But I'm pretty sure he's also perfect for me, so… Maybe I should just apply. 

*When I searched for a good photo of Ben F, so many side by sides of him and Kris Jenner popped up. Have they been linked romantically? Seriously?


  1. I think Ben H or Ben Z. I did love how sweet Jared was tho even as he got booted.

  2. I seriously loved Ben Z. He lacked charisma and was a bit boring, but he seemed so sweet and genuine. Also, pretty easy on the eyes...