Monday, January 18, 2016

City and Colour

I first heard City and Colour in 2006 and it changed my life. Dallas Green's voice is angelic and his lyrics speak to my soul. (In fact, I've been contemplating getting lyrics from this song permanently tattooed onto my body. Sorry, Mom.)


The first time I saw him live was in Dallas in 2013. I was blown away and I maybe also cried a little bit. This weekend, I went to Memphis and saw him for the third time. He put on an amazing show and even played my favorite song.

He has 5 albums and you should get them all.
He also did a collaboration with Alecia Moore (P!nk) titled You + Me and it is one of my favorite albums of all time.
The opening band, Greyhounds, was great, too.

Happy Music Monday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Bachelor: Episode 2

I was going to write a reaction post to the first episode where Ben met all 28 women, lots of stunts were pulled, Olivia got Ben's (and my) first impression rose, Breanne, Izzy, Jessica, Laura, Lauren R, Maegan, and Tiara went home, and Lace did not because the producers clearly told Ben to keep her around for drama. My mom is convinced that she's an actress that was planted to stir things up. I think that she's just a snotty girl who is used to being the prettiest one in the room and she found herself in a situation where she wasn't the prettiest (but she was the drunkest), and acted accordingly. So, onto week 2.

Date #1 - Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer, & Lace

The group date involved Ben & the girls going "back to school". They split into teams of 2 and competed in different areas of high school. Two girls were eliminated after each round and the ultimate winner became Ben's Homecoming Queen. I'm not sure how I'm still shocked at the cheesiness of this show. Jubilee & Lace were eliminated in the science fair. Jackie & Lauren H were eliminated at lunch. Geography, where all they had to do was place Indiana on a map of the US, eliminated Becca & JoJo. Free throw shooting in gym class caused the elimination of LB & Jennifer. This left Mandi & Amber to compete in a hurdle race for the win. Mandi ran barefoot and totally dominated Amber. I'm assuming she got some extra one-on-one time, but thankfully we didn't have to endure that. We did, however, have to endure the ten-on-one cocktail party. Lace vowed to redeem herself. She did not succeed. Any girl who repeatedly says they're not crazy. And she's crazy. JoJo got the rose. I like JoJo.

Date #2 - Caila

Ben & Caila got to go on a "Ride-Along" date with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart said, "The people that watch this show...they watch it because they're hopeless romantics and they love to see love." Umm maybe it's a little more like how you can't look away from a train wreck. So, they drove around LA with Ice Cube & Kevin Hart (which is something I've wanted to do since I saw this video). I think Caila is adorable. Cute date and she got a rose. And then they got a private concert from Amos Lee. I am officially jealous.

Date #3 - Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Haley, Amanda

The girls and Ben went on a very awkward Love Lab date where they tested, among many things, Ben's reaction to sniffing them after they ran on a treadmill. Sam got the lowest compatibility score and Olivia got the highest. I wonder how accurate these things are. Like, should I start sniffing new men that I meet? Dogs do it. Why not? Anyway. I don't like Olivia anymore, but I can't decide if it's because the producers were brainwashing me with the clips they chose to show or if she's really just awful. She got the rose, of course.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

Olivia was still being a bitch. Lace was still being crazy. Ben was still being perfect. When LB was offered a rose, she chose to leave. Also packing: Jackie, Mandi, and Sam.

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All Images from ABC - The Bachelor

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Birchbox Faves!

In 2015, I received 63 samples from Birchbox. From perfumes to lotions to shampoos and face wash and every makeup product you could imagine, I have picked my 10 favorites. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Dr. Jart+ - Premium Beauty Balm - This is the lightest, smoothest, and most covering bb cream I have ever used. The full-size product is $39, which is more than I would ever think about spending on makeup, but it's well worth it.

2. Aruba Aloe - Luxe Foot Creme - My feet are rough. Like actually rough. This is one of the only lotions that has managed to soften them. Full-size is $18.

3. Stila - Look at Me Liquid Lipstick - A trio of these lipsticks is $20. My sample was what I refer to as Ole Miss Red but is actually called Beso. It is perfect for gameday (and any other time you want to rock red lips). It is a bit drying, but I just use chapstick along with it. Very long lasting!

4. Benefit - Watt's Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter - I had never used a highlighter before getting this sample in my Birchbox and wow at the difference it makes. Just a little on your cheek and brow bones and you sparkle. I received the sample in March and haven't had to purchase a full-size ($30) yet.

5. theBalm cosmetics - Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush - I use this as bronzer and eyeshadow. It's a perfect warm color that goes great with my skin tone. Full-size is $21 and comes with a mirror.

6. POP Beauty - POP Portfolio Eyeshadow Palette - This entire palette is only $26! It's goes on smooth and lasts all day. I received the 3 colors marked above, which are perfect for me. (Purple brings out green eyes.)

7. Bliss - Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask - I love this mask. It's light and foamy and only takes 5 minutes. But it's $54.

8. Scalisi Skincare - Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - $65 is really not expensive for an anti-aging product. The sample size was too small to know if the anti-aging part actually works, but the moisturizing sure does.

9. Juliette Has a Gun - Not a Perfume - I got more compliments on this perfume than any fragrance I have ever worn. Plus, I think it's cool that it's called "not a perfume" because it only includes one element which is used as a background fragrance in many other perfumes. It's price tag is a little hefty at $100, though.

10. Mirenesse - Glossy Kiss (Angel Kiss) - This lipstick/lip gloss is smooth, moisturizing, and stays on well. It's $22.

If you're interested in products like these showing up at your door once a month, check out Birchbox here! If you already receive Birchbox...what are some of your favorite products?

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: Getting Healthy [January]

First of all, Happy New Year!

If you've been here before, you know that each year I select a "theme" and make monthly goals instead of having one year-long resolution. I almost always fail at these goals, but it is a new year so I have to at least pretend that it will be a new me.

This year's theme is health. Each month, I will set 3 goals pertaining to 3 areas of health. And hopefully I will accomplish them.

DIET - No booze!
Okay so this one is kinda already a fail because I had quite a few drinks on New Years Day (Sugar Bowl! Go Rebs!) and also yesterday, but for the rest of the month, no booze. Not only will I shed some pounds (I hope), but this article really hit home for me and I'm gonna give it a shot. At least for the month.

EXERCISE - Go walking.
I got some new Pumas for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and want to put them to use. I know walking isn't much, but it's more than I do now. Also, three days a week isn't much, but it's more than zero.

MENTAL - Read a book.
Books make me happy. They're a nice little escape from the real world. Plus, I am pretty much all caught up on every TV show I ever wanted to watch. I might check out this one. Unless you have another suggestion.

What are your goals for the new year? And how do you hold yourself accountable? (Seriously, I need tips.)