Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Bachelor: Episode 2

I was going to write a reaction post to the first episode where Ben met all 28 women, lots of stunts were pulled, Olivia got Ben's (and my) first impression rose, Breanne, Izzy, Jessica, Laura, Lauren R, Maegan, and Tiara went home, and Lace did not because the producers clearly told Ben to keep her around for drama. My mom is convinced that she's an actress that was planted to stir things up. I think that she's just a snotty girl who is used to being the prettiest one in the room and she found herself in a situation where she wasn't the prettiest (but she was the drunkest), and acted accordingly. So, onto week 2.

Date #1 - Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer, & Lace

The group date involved Ben & the girls going "back to school". They split into teams of 2 and competed in different areas of high school. Two girls were eliminated after each round and the ultimate winner became Ben's Homecoming Queen. I'm not sure how I'm still shocked at the cheesiness of this show. Jubilee & Lace were eliminated in the science fair. Jackie & Lauren H were eliminated at lunch. Geography, where all they had to do was place Indiana on a map of the US, eliminated Becca & JoJo. Free throw shooting in gym class caused the elimination of LB & Jennifer. This left Mandi & Amber to compete in a hurdle race for the win. Mandi ran barefoot and totally dominated Amber. I'm assuming she got some extra one-on-one time, but thankfully we didn't have to endure that. We did, however, have to endure the ten-on-one cocktail party. Lace vowed to redeem herself. She did not succeed. Any girl who repeatedly says they're not crazy. And she's crazy. JoJo got the rose. I like JoJo.

Date #2 - Caila

Ben & Caila got to go on a "Ride-Along" date with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart said, "The people that watch this show...they watch it because they're hopeless romantics and they love to see love." Umm maybe it's a little more like how you can't look away from a train wreck. So, they drove around LA with Ice Cube & Kevin Hart (which is something I've wanted to do since I saw this video). I think Caila is adorable. Cute date and she got a rose. And then they got a private concert from Amos Lee. I am officially jealous.

Date #3 - Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Haley, Amanda

The girls and Ben went on a very awkward Love Lab date where they tested, among many things, Ben's reaction to sniffing them after they ran on a treadmill. Sam got the lowest compatibility score and Olivia got the highest. I wonder how accurate these things are. Like, should I start sniffing new men that I meet? Dogs do it. Why not? Anyway. I don't like Olivia anymore, but I can't decide if it's because the producers were brainwashing me with the clips they chose to show or if she's really just awful. She got the rose, of course.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

Olivia was still being a bitch. Lace was still being crazy. Ben was still being perfect. When LB was offered a rose, she chose to leave. Also packing: Jackie, Mandi, and Sam.

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