Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Dating Diaries: Vol 8

The Professor

It all began when I sent a very professional and informative email to 40+ instructors. A few followed up. But one, I wasn't expecting.

"We should drink sometime."

Now, this professor is quite a bit older than me, but I was interested. Why not? We emailed (and then texted) for about a week. Conversation was going well and we set up a date for dinner on a Saturday.

That Friday, I went out for drinks with friends. Professor messaged me and said he would like take me home instead of me getting a cab. Long story short, after having about 4 drinks too many, I decided I wanted the Professor to take me home and called him for a ride. I thought he wanted to "take me home" but he literally just wanted to take me home. This, of course, caused a very awkward walking-to-the-door-conversation, followed by a few drunken texts about the misunderstanding. Out of embarrassment, I canceled dinner. He never spoke to me again. (Which, I think, was a little much.)

Lesson(s) learned: Don't be drunk the first time you hang out with someone. Don't assume that all guys just want to "take you home" (even though most do). And if a guy "ghosts" on you, fa get about em.

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