Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Bachelorette: 8 Remain

So now that Chad is gone, I feel that I can safely discuss the Bachelorette. Not only would his antics have taken up over half of the posts, I would have been living in fear that he would come and find me if I offended him. And I would have offended him.

So. Here's where I stand on the remaining men.

Jordan. Clear frontrunner. Not my type, but seems to be JoJo's. However, I don't believe he'll be the last man standing. Something dramatic will happen, because this is The Bachelorette.

Robby. Dude is fishy. He just had his first one-on-one and already said he's in love with her. He's cute, but something rubs me the wrong way. (Is he the one with the girlfriend?)

Chase. He needs more airtime, cause I'm not sure how I feel about him yet. Yoga date was hot, though. Also, does he look like Jordan and Robby put together or is that just me?

James Taylor. He's the funny, easy-going guy that stays about one more week just to keep everyone laughing. I have a feeling there's gonna be a "Joe" moment where he turns into an angry beast when he gets sent home. Plus, apparently he was in Oxford a few months ago, and from what I've heard from some much younger girls...not such a cool guy.

Derek. There was nothing wrong with Derek's approach in telling JoJo that he wanted to make sure they still had a connection since his one-on-one was so long ago. Not sure why the guys are ganging up on him, because I think the John Krasinski look-a-like is precious. (But also, not my type.)

Alex. Oh, Alex. I actually picked Alex to WIN on my Bachelorette bracket. (Yes, I filled one out. And I have 134/155 points.) But now...I'm like, "JoJo...no no. Send him home NOW." He is not nice. He's way too cocky. And I unfollowed him on Snapchat after only 48 hours because I couldn't stand it. You're on a reality show. Yeah, you have a little fame, but you're not famous. If "your fans" are following you, it's because they want to see your reality. And they don't want to be called fans. They don't want you saying things like, "If my Instagram post gets 10,000 likes, I'll post another one." No. Stop. Just be normal.

Wells. I was so happy he got a rose, even though he was the only one I didn't have on my bracket this week. He is a perfect little man who is always the peacekeeper in the house and seems to be really sweet and funny and smart. And he's cute. I want to be friends with him. Especially since he went to Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy, Wells!

Luke. Luuuuke. Luke needs to stay a few more weeks but then go home so he can prepare to be the Bachelor. And I WILL apply this time. That's how fate works, right? I said I was going to apply with Ben, but Ben wasn't the right guy for me...because Luke is. Tune in next season to watch our love story unfold.

Also, JoJo is my favorite Bachelorette so far, by far.

Who do you think she'll pick? Who would you pick? Isn't Luke perfect?

All photos via ABC.

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  1. As always, your analysis is spot on. I don't love Luke quiiiiite as much as you do though. And I really do like Derek. I didn't understand the guys' reaction to him at all. Although, I don't think it was anyone's reaction other than Alex. And Alex is clearly an insecure guy who needs constant validation from people. He also needs to have an enemy all the time so he can have a gang of buddies around. So immature. I don't understand the attraction to James Taylor-- he seems boring except for his guitar. That excitement wears off quickly. But yes, Jojo is great!